Friday, December 31, 2004

An interesting dynamic. The woman who is actually the point of discussion here doesn't talk as much as the author or the interviewer, who seems to be trying to push a certain narrative less than he was in the other interview about this book(the one with just the author). Although there was a slightly fruitful argument with the author at the end. I might think about it some more.

Also, Communion by bell hooks is a very good look at the role of love in women's lives. She says that since people seem to determine women's worth by who desires her, that may give people skewed ideas about love, not to mention the fact that everyone just assumes that women are all naturally nurturing and that submissiveness and care are the only valid ways to show love, also distort the idea of love.

There are also good critiques where feminists need to go farther, even as they protect the gains they already have made. hooks does a good job of pointing out the improvements that feminism has created in American women's lives.

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