Sunday, December 12, 2004

Go, Cali! I'm glad that people are fighting for our rights. I'll buck up and work hard on break.

Here's an article about people appropiating Native American beliefs. I can't really imagine what it'd be like, but I guess it'd be kinda like if a Baptist preacher pretended to be a Catholic Priest, and for $150, you could undergo the sort of baptism a baby gets- with the sprinkling of water, for $250, you could undergo full immersion baptism, and for $500, you could go to confession. Even I'd be offended by that, and I'm not Catholic or religious. Of course that doesn't have any of the racial undertones, but I'm trying to understand it in my own clumsy way.

Panic Doll has updated! My favorites are the black cross top and this country lolita style skirt. You go girl! It's hard to do business nowadays. I am creating new buttons to avoid studying. New ideas are easy to have, but it's hard to pimp out your stuff, deal with customers(I don't do this off line because of my hair trigger temper), and suchlike.

Although doing business is good- it's better than spending all your cash on $100 hairfixes! That's the kind of looking cute that lasts only a week at best. Even if you bought $100 worth of clothes from the above site, at least it would last longer than that. Anyway, I was reading the story of the illiterate millionaire in No More Prisons, and the guy didn't spend his money on fancy cars- he spent it on making himself some more money. Now this guy has blown up! Not to mention, nowadays you can't rely on a big corporation to be dependable in employment. You think you are doing good one year, and then the next, everyone is fired.

That's why I'm going into mental health- somebody's always gonna be crazy! Anyway, joking aside, it's best to try to put money in from different sources rather than having your eggs all in one basket.

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