Friday, December 31, 2004

This story was very interesting- one of the most interesting parts is that the author is actually audibly upset about the mismanagement that private companies had made of Milwaukee's welfare system. Of course, all of that, and the actual human stories of the women will be ignored, so people can say all blacks are lazy and stupid.

This story is also really good. Basically this segment is about environmental racism. Luckily, environmental racism is a big tangible thing- a lack of supermarkets, bad housing quality, and dumping of hazardous materials near places where people of color live. Also, here are some photos of protests of the army depot in Memphis. My grand dad worked at it a really long time ago. Memphis has some fucked up environmental issues near it's black community.

There's a big fat refinery out there belching all those fumes. I'm sorry, but my cousin got a scholarship from them and I was like what? is that the sorry for poisoning all y'all scholarship? A lot of my cousins do have asthma, and my aunt has had really bad lung issues, and couldn't work for a long time. (Luckily she is better now) So we have to be aware of issues that effect the whole community,ok?

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