Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Charity- it's the obligation we pay for living nicely on the earth. We have a lot of people suffering from the earthquake and the tsunamis. Just give a few dollars, and you could save a kid from dying from hunger or waterborne disease. Please give now.

Also, I was reading this article, and was thinking. Maybe this whole "reverse racism" lie is an expression of fear of loss of cultural hegemony? For example,instead of acting like everyone is a white man, and if they aren't, they should try to get that way, or at least feel bad about it, now we are opening things up- blacks can now run big companies, native americans are getting their story told, and most of us normal people don't care if someone speaks spanish.

So instead of having a special place in society, you are becoming more and more just another group. That's not what you were told(well, not told literally, more like people acted like the world was that way- this is a random theory proposed by random white guys off the street, so might be weird) the world was supposed to be like! So you act like a giant pussy. And that's today's theory.

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