Sunday, December 12, 2004

My blogging activity has gone up as my anxiety level abut this final goes up. If I was any good at stats, I'd be thinking about the correlation between the two. I was looking at Bitch Has Word, so I wouldn't have to think about how fucked fucked fucked I am, and how hard the test is going to be, and how I can't calculate an anova by hand and why do I have to do that and suchlike, and then I was reading this commenter and he was all equality of opportunity, not results.

Like I've heard that phase before, but like what's the point of that? I mean, opportunity is kind of a nebulous thing that is kinda floating out there, but results you can measure. I guess the real reason is so that they don't have to be accountable, but like what's the reason SUPPOSED to be? Like do these people even think before they start parroting these kinds of catch phases. It's like when they say stuff like every crime's a hate crime, do they even know what it is?

Like what ever happened to our George Will conservatives? Maybe they didn't like babies, women or black people , and maybe they were a bit too optimistic about the free market, but at least they made some sort of logical sense that you could try to understand their argument. Like if they said we should not have hate crimes laws, and also not have several different degrees of murder at the same time, at least that would be consistent, or if they said that corporations AND poor women could BOTH sod off, at least that would make some sense!

But maybe I am thinking of libertarians, not republicans. Probably. I hate math, so all this math has confused me, and made me mix the two up. I only got in 4 good hours of studying today. I'll wake up early to do it again.

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