Thursday, December 23, 2004

I'm happy to say that Anna Q is talking some sense. It's pretty easy to put up a plastic baby Jesus and say "we're number one", but it takes balls to actually do something Jesus would like on his birthday- like loving your neighbor, or helping people out. Of course, this should happen all year- Christians should stop trying to make our laws all fucked up, and try to make their communities better places to be. Instead of saying bad things behind that unwed mother's back, why don't you come by with a fresh cooked meal or offer some day care? Instead of bitching about 'lazy people', why don't you volunteer at programs for at risk children? There are so many kind giving loving things that Christians can do, that are more in the spirit of their religion.

Another interesting thing is that ice and snow has gotten all over the place and everything is closed and everyone is in a panic. I might make Xmas cookies, because my mom is too injured to make them. You know the pain is bad when she actually took her medicine(not that she should- that Celebrex stuff isn't good for you...or so it seems to my science illterate mind..)

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