Tuesday, December 14, 2004

P6 works hard and drops science. It made me think of something my mom said. If you ever meet anyone that anything you do is alright with them, well, you know they aren't your friend. P6 is being a friend to the whites here, because he wants them to take responsibilty. I am too, but I am young and more grumpy. The people who got your back are the ones who know when you are wrong. People may say, but wait a minute, aren't you kinda grumpy when people slam blacks? It's because we're getting slammed for other folk's sins and that's not right.

Also, I kind of agree with this girl( well, more after she explains herself than in the initial post) I mean, I love that everyone has their unique style and all, but if I want to wear a shirt from like the gap and some jeans I wouldn't post it on a fruits community, because that's not a very exciting fashion- same as I never post any of my loli inspired fashion on EGL- it's more like "bleh" than "wow", and there's enough "bleh" in the fashion world without spreading it around on the internet.

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