Saturday, December 11, 2004

I found a good Holiday present. This organization wants people to give their money to it, so that poor families that have one expense that might totally make them bust can have it donated to them. For example, let's say Bob fell down and broke his leg, and needs medical care. This could be a disaster for his family, with the choice between rent and hospital bills. But luckily, some nice people pay his bill, and Bob's family doesn't have to live on the street. You may be like, where does this whole present thing come in? Well, they'll send a person a letter saying you donated in their name, so it could be a late Holiday present. Well, anyway, you should give these people money- they are awesome.

Also, some people are giving their stuff away for free, but I am too stupid to understand what's up with that? Anyway, this could facilitate some serious awesomeness. We usually give away our old stuff to the Vietnam vets people.

If you think up a good organization, create it. Merry Holidays!

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