Wednesday, December 08, 2004

This is a pretty good post about how white on black violence is always an 'isolated incident'. I mean seriously, not only would four black boys who jacked a white guy get at least juvi, everyone would talk about our pathological culture,etc,etc. I was talking to this guy on the net. And he was all like I'm renouncing whiteness. And I was like cool- because seriously, to renounce whiteness means not only do you say no to the unfair privileges you get because you are white, it means that you take responsibility and aren't a whiny pussy.

Like everything can't be someone else's fault anymore. Like whites tend to try to blame their racism on us. No- if you are racist, you make your own self be racist. If you do something stupid like show an Asian that you don't even know the ethnicity of a Chinese dress, and be all like I'm down with your people- that's your own fault too. If you don't know history, that's your own damn fault. And yea, if you decide to beat some kid down with your friends, that's not a spanking offense- you should go to jail just like every body else.

And you can't cry about stupid stuff anymore. None of this mentioning real problems makes me feel bad shit, or any of that man, I'm scared of minorities shit. You gotta buck up- if you feel bad about the truth, your own problem, not ours. If you're scared of minorities, well, work hard to conquer your fear.

I am reading No More prisons, and the author talks about how he decided to walk through the most dangerous ghettos in the middle of the night. I think most of the hysteria about stuff comes from not knowing, and fearing that. If you don't know, don't be a puss and rot your own country because of your hysteria and white flight. You have to face your fear. Learn about those you fear.

I'm sick and tired of people thinking they can't change anything. There's a revolution occurring every day. I mean seriously, weren't the Ukrainians out in the fucking cold for their country? And we can't even sit in the heat and read a book? I am a totally different person from who I was in high school. That in itself is a revolution. I'll keep changing til I die. Time can't stand still. So let's catch up to it!

You know, while I'm saying all this, His and Her Circumstances has really good music. But not as good as Utena. I saw some great AMVS at the anime club yesterday. Hale's Mom, and Sunshine, Lolipops and GRRRRRR were my favorites. I think Hale's Mom should win an award, just for the great synching and shot selection.

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