Sunday, December 26, 2004

Jimi Izrael has a really good piece on white privilege. Read the whole thing please. It has always mystified me that whites get all testy if I say "white people" without a bunch of qualifiers. I mean, when blacks are slammed on, we don't get some blacks or a tiny minority of asshats, we get black people. It's really strange because somehow all whites get the credit if some whites do something good. For example, some whites are hard working, and smart. However, it is not true that all whites are smart and hard working- many whites are in fact, lazy and stupid. But somehow all whites get the credit for the smart whites, and none of this transfers for bad actions- for example, whites can act like they have nothing to do with stupid meth heads or slave owning bigots.

This is the opposite for blacks. For example, I am a black entrepreneur on a limited basis and I go to college. There are many blacks who own businesses, are doctors, lawyers, go to college, raise their kids in a good manner, work hard at their jobs etc,etc. These people who we call non asshats may be the majority of the black population- basically making do under the circumstances. However, do these people get to be thought of as the representative blacks? No, apparently no matter what we do, the one black guy who is the asshat is the representative for the entire race.

That's not cool. Some black people, they are idiots. We as a whole can't really do much about it. It's like George W Bush. He's an idiot. He makes the worst decisions ever. Imagine that whenever he does something stupid, people say " man, those white people" but whenever some white scientist does something awesome, people try to explain it away.

"So Bob invented the cure for cancer! Congrats!" "No, he didn't, he worked with a team" "But don't all researchers work with a team?" "No, only lazy white inventors. And plus, it only cures about 70% of cancer patients. What kind of cure is that?" and so on and so forth. And if they actually did accept that Bob did cure cancer, they'd make it out like he was the 'special' white person- no other white people could achieve anything,etc,etc.

Well, I'm off topic. Jimi says he is not interested in asking questions about white people. I'm the opposite. I'm almost indecently curious. It seems somehow wrong to just float along assuming that you're the norm. It is really fascinating to me. I guess that is the influence of different personality types.

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