Friday, December 10, 2004

I just don't get why people choose the anime titles that have violence and sex in them, and then say "all anime is violent/sex ridden". I mean seriously- it's like this. Guy walks into say Best Buy or something. They got Princess Nine, they got Kare Kano(His and Her Circumstances, which I am watching now- good music), they got Fancy Lala, they got Kiki's, they got Azumanga, and guess what they go straight for? Ninja Blood Revival or Yea Right I'm in 'Junior College' Fuck Fest!

It's like me complaining that all movies are musicals because the only ones I watch are like Singing in the Rain and Chicago! I personally like cute and fluffy anime, because it's cute, and you know, fluffy. I also like melodramatic anime too. My emotions are still as intense as a teen's, so their anime works for me. Of course, in America, I like Soul Food, and by our standards, that's not for teens. (like omg- do they have to show the entire sex scene? imply something for once!)

But seriously, people are pretty crazy,eh?

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