Monday, December 06, 2004

I was reading this excerpt from this book, and I was like "where does this guy live"? The stone age? It's cute to say "let him go after you", but if we did that, we'd be waiting forever to get a boyfriend! Not every girl is cute enough to just sit there and smile and get men to flock to her. Actually, most aren't! I mean seriously, not every girl has to ask out every date- but a phone call or two isn't going to kill your prospects. If he really wants you, he's not going to say "Man, she likes me too. I guess that kills that".

At mousewords, there is a more sensible review here as Amanda actually has a boyfriend and so isn't all nervous about it. Or maybe I should shut up ascribing stuff to people I don't know, just because I read their blogs. But seriously, her comments bring this stuff into better perspective.

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