Saturday, December 11, 2004

What's wrong with the people who dispense this sort of shitty fashion advice? Hide your bottom half?! That's the good part of a pear, and should be played up! I don't see what the point in trying to look like a boy is. This isn't the drag king show! Women have hips and should show them off, not hide them. Our beauty standards are crazy. Be more 'feminine' by shaving all your body hair off! Look like a boy by starving yourself and wearing ugly clothes.

When clothes draw attention to my top half, it's kinda like "hi, I have no breasts". Pears really don't have much to showcase up there, and nice plush hips, thighs and ass are great on a woman. Of course, they are female secondary sex traits, so that's probably why they are so interesting to me.

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