Monday, July 05, 2004

You know, I am angry. Angry enough to want to change the status quo. I was starting a good rant there, but now I'll complain about Elvis Presley. Apparently they are crediting him for rock and roll on TV. This article gets it right, but slightly glosses over the reason for this rant. That is that people somehow think that a white man playing the music that already had been started is the start of the music. To me, that's like giving Eminem the credit for inventing rap, and at least Eminem started out with his own songs, not covers. That really pisses me off somehow. It's like they think that somehow more important because somebody white did it. There's nothing wrong with people enjoying other cultures, but you can't just go and try to say that you originated that. It pisses me off, because people will go and lie about that, and then say that black people never do anything, and that we should do this and that horrible thing because blacks are just worthless.

Seriously, trying to erase our history is super disrespectful. So like fuck that shit.

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