Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The part 2 of the Essence article on the Down Low was full of shit. First, her generally homophobic orientation is part of the problem for the problem. It's certainly not rap videos, the really stupid reason the author says for it, as whites and everyone else watch plenty of rap videos, and see tons of half naked chicks otherwise, and are not going around in the closet. Anyway, people were bisexual way before rap videos, anyway. The whole OMG, if you're gay, you're a sissy/going to hell/a horrible person attitude makes people be in denial about being gay in my opinion. Just hating yourself doesn't make you not be gay so they are going to be gay.
Also, I think this emphasis on the Down Low is keeping people from realizing that men get AIDs from women too, just because he's all straight doesn't mean you're safe. I think the article would be better served fighting against the war on drugs which gets people in prison and getting AIDs from rape and/or consentual relationships. Prison is a great vector for AIDs, and since the war on drugs is unbalanced- plenty of white middle class dealers getting away with it, but have a poor black guy even take drugs, and they are on his ass, it affects us very badly.
Also, how many articles can you have referencing the man shortage? We all know about the man shortage, so do we really need to hear about it all the time?

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