Wednesday, July 21, 2004

This article is a good critique of this one lady who I believe is insane. I mean seriously, if three years after the Oklahoma City bombing, I went crazy everytime I saw a few white people hanging around, I'd be told to get over myself, but if this lady is unable to stand a little ethnic diversity on her airplane, she gets to blab her stupid crap all over the place. I mean, what does she expect them to do? Not go on an airplane because a bunch of crazy white folks don't like it? I'm sorry lady, you're just going to have to share the country, and act like a decent human being,ok? Racial profiling is stupid, you think if people are smart enough to make bombs, and see that they are profiling, they will just send in a pale skinned member of their organization. Just because you are a member of Al Queda doesn't make you dark skinned. The only thing that does is make a bunch of stupid white people more comfortable, and anti terror people shouldn't care about that- they should care about protecting our country, not bothering perfectly fine American citizens(contrary to popular belief, not all Americans are white).

And advice for smart white folk, usually if people say I'm not a racist, they are being racist. If you feel tempted, think about what you are saying. If it really needs to be said, don't use a disclaimer, and if you get checked, think about why you are getting checked. Don't rush to blame the other person- maybe thinking before you speak is a good policy.  It's not like it's your fault exactly that the larger society is racist, and you may have been taught some stupid stuff, but it's not like you don't have the power to examine your beliefs. There are plenty of books in the library and plenty of resources on the internet.

The way I see it is that it is like resisting society's beauty standards. I could sit around hating myself because I have fat thighs. I am thin (101 pounds, 5 feet) but my booty and thighs are big- that is how I am proportioned, all my fat goes there.  Like I could surround myself with magazines that say that my whole worth is in whether I look a certain way, I could go and talk to girls and guys who think how you look is the most important thing, I could read about how I am morally deficient because I eat food, and at most, walk. But I choose to live a different way. I choose to read socially progressive magazines that talk about how you can live a different , and interesting life, I choose to not watch a lot of Tv, because Tv is mindnumbing and full of ads, I choose to exercise for health only, and to only eat healthy foods because of how good they taste and how much more energetic I feel.

So likewise, you could choose to listen to Foxnews, and Rush Limbaugh, read only books about whites, or if they are about blacks, read only "Blacks are stupid, whites off the hook" type books, watch only Tv that demeans blacks or ignores them, refuse to read any webpages about anti racism, and talk about how proud you are of your ignorance, but you can't really expect much respect if you choose to behave in such a manner. 

In other news, black art journals. Awesome! In other other news, I am enjoying PBS' website about Africa.

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