Thursday, July 15, 2004

Sweet action. The situation of blacks has improved since the end of racial apartheid.  Use sparklebottom as both nick and password for this next link. Some annoying dude is complaining about minority writers writing about being minorities. First off dude, thanks to an attempted cultural genocide, people are still trying to get their stories told. Second, history, politics, etc,etc, do not mean white history or white politics only.  I think it's a problem of perception on the writer's part. He seems to think white people are neutral. That's not the case.  Whites have a race, and their politics are racial too. It's not just the other 90% of the world, you know? And maybe we don't need to achieve 'harmony', which to me seems to be another buzz word for keeping the status quo in place. Maybe this guy needs to spend less time doing his whining, and more time reading and thinking.

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