Monday, July 05, 2004

Sweet! Hare Nochi Guu has been licensed. I have such a big backlog, it's terrible. I hate being broke.

Also, here is another good LJ post, about whiteness as a club.

And now for more book talk- Between Brothers was pretty good. While the gangster part of the plot was pretty unrealistic- I mean, what gangster goes in on such a complicated scheme to take down a community center, even if it tells kids not to do drugs? Although, it was nice, our main characters all learn their lessons- the womanizing preacher learns that sleeping with half the congregation isn't a good idea, the celibate guy learns that sometimes having sex is ok, and that the reason his 'nice guy' behind didn't get any play was because of his shallow standards, the political guy learns that a girl with substance works better than just arm candy, and the young engineer learns that sleeping with people for tuition is stupid, and gets an very happy ending in which his employer doesn't become racist, and he gets a job.

It's not great literature, but it's not totally bad either. Shallow morality plays won't improve your mind, but you probably won't be reading this for that reason anyway.

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