Wednesday, July 28, 2004

"No one gave them [latinos] an English test before they went to fight for America"- a paraphrase of Al Sharpton.

"I'm fiscally conservative, and socially progressive, if you want to call that liberal, then I'm liberal" - a paraphrase of Howard Dean.

I'm down about how I have not really played a video game for months. It's sad how a hobby can die like that. You play all the time through high school, and then it gets so in college, that you only really play on other people's systems. I think a big problem here is that I missed the boat on getting a PS2, which keeps me out of the loop as far as new games. I know that I can get one, but I am really cheap, because I am thinking of video games less, and so when the opportunity to spend money arises, I am more likely to spend it on comics or books. I think another problem is that I tend to be broke now, and I have stopped even buying as many comics as I have been. Even though I have a job now, and so am fairly flush with cash, I am used to being broke. Also, when I'm at school, I'll keep spending money on going out, which is makes you broke, and also, I'll go to a convention a year, which always is a good way to splash out money.

Also, school is much tougher- I have to study all day and all night to get a B. In high school, if you did all your homework the night before, you could get straight As, and if you didn't do anything, you could get a B.  When I think about it, I miss it, but I don't know how I can get back on the wagon.

Maybe some cheap PC games will be a nice infusion of pep into my step.  I already have a computer, and all.

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