Thursday, July 15, 2004

I was reading critiques of a NY Times article on comics, and one thing that came up was the near lack of the Hernandez Brothers, and the lack of women covered. Also, someone mentioned that Stuck Rubber Baby was not mentioned. While I am aware that the writer was a neophyte to comics, I'd like to note that merely ignoring creators of different genders, colors and sexualities is a pretty effective way of making white straight males think they are superior.  I'm not talking about minor creators, the Hernadez Brothers have influenced many artists, and creators like Glockner, Hernandez(Lea, no relation to the Brothers Hernandez), the creator of Perseopolis, Doucet, etc are no slouches either. I'm not saying that comics are the most diverse field in the country, but I see this a lot- refuse to see people as valid humans, and then blame them because you are stupid. It's stupid because you choose to be stupid. People who refuse to pick up book one, and then whine about how oppressed they are should be horse whipped in public, so they can have something to cry about. It's mild compared to what people like that think is ok just as long as it happens to someone of a different color. That special treatment for whites they complain about losing was built on the sort of violence that we would be shocked to witness. Maybe they should take responsibility for their actions once in a while,and stop crying because they didn't get enough special treatment.

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