Friday, July 16, 2004

In my opinion, 75% of whites are racist. I think about 40% are hip enough to know that shouting racist epithets isn't cool, but they want to shore up the racist status quo, by saying things like "I'm colorblind", "Why can't we all get along",etc. Basically, they have a big case of denial.

35% are more active. They complain about the loss of their special privileges, they whine about why can't they say the n word, they wonder why terrorist acts are strongly outlawed instead of given a wink and a nod. Some of these join groups of thugs or the Republican Party, which has a big problem with winking and nodding loudly at the racist vote.

In anti racist whites, we have 20% that are actually making a good effort. Sure, they may not actually be anti racist entirely, but at least they are reading a book besides "Blacks are Stupid" or "Blacks are all terrible people, so whites don't have any responsibility for anything".

The other 5% are truly anti racist, and are a beacon for all other whites to follow. You know they didn’t get that way by watching TV or listening to Lush Rimbaugh.

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