Friday, July 23, 2004

Today, I made salsa. I cut up two tomatoes I bought off the side of the road, mixed them with some rotel,as I did not have green peppers, mixed in garlic, cilanto, and lime juice. I really like to cook, as it is nourishing for the soul to cook your own food, as well as for the body. I tend to cook differently from my mother- my food is lighter, more vegetable heavy.  Then again, I usually look at recipes for inspiration, and I dislike to touch dead animals. I like the bright colors and interesting flavors of vegetables, and tend to see more versatility in them.  It's odd to grow up in a meat centered culture, and then be a cook that centers her meals around vegetables instead.

What I need to also do is learn to incorporate fruits into my meals. There must be a cookbook on that somewhere.  I feel confident that I can cook any recipe I see. That's a good feeling.

Also, I have a cute local color story! The library in Germantown is closed, and Germantown residents are not allowed to check out books from Memphis/Shelby County libraries. So some kids decided to protest. That won't stop the Germantown library from being turned over to a private company, but it's really adorable. Hopefully tomorrow the Commercial Appeal will have the story.

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