Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Today we spent $50 at Hollywood Video. I got American Splendor, Lost in Translation, and Memories. My mom got Mona Lisa's Smile, Love Don't Cost a Thing and The Hours. I really like getting DVDs used, that's why my collection is so large. I don't mind a few stickers, just as long as the movie plays.

Also, I have a story from my freshman year. At my school, we went to see a exhibit of lynching post cards. It really freaked me out, as I couldn't imagine being a white person and seeing that. I of course was younger, so imagined that I would feel guilty or disgusted if I had witnessed this in a white body. I felt like I would wonder if it had been an ancestor of mine doing this gruesome thing. Of course, now I know that people don't care, and they say it was the black's fault, and anyway, it was a long time ago, so we should forget all about it.

They don't see blacks as real people in the present, so why should they care about atrocities in the past? The fact that anyone murdered anyone without repercussions, and thought it'd be a fit subject for a post card should make anyone sad, but not these poor babies. I mean, a black man might go to college, that is surely worse than murder.

Yes, I am bitter in my young days. To hate so much, over so little, boggles my motherfucking mind and I'm fucking pissed off.

I think this is a good exercise, although some benefits can also be conferred by class, although the problems with race have caused many blacks to be unable to climb up the class ladder. Also, I think individual whites are responsible for racism- if they stopped being racist, the worst would be over.

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