Sunday, July 25, 2004

I'm scared of white hysteria. That's what I call the virulent form of white racism. In my thoughts, racist whites carry racism around with them, but it isn't active. White hysteria is a total irrationality, that can cause anything from lynchings to putting Japanese in internment camps to detaining Arabs for no reason, for passing more and more racist laws. It seems that a lot can trigger it, from 9/11 to a person of color sneezing the wrong way. It freaks me out, as it is easily manipulated- politicians may use this trick by using certain buzz words or imagery in ads- over time they can trigger white hysteria. Of course, it is not surprising that absolute insanity is easily manipulated, but it's pretty freaky.

Not all whites have the ability to do this, but their numbers are few. Some of these may have racist thoughts, but somehow their racism isn't enough to stir them. For example, a guy who thinks that Africans never did anything at all, but isn't about to be for unfair laws for minor offenses. Somehow the racism isn't able to completely cloud the rational thought. Why, this is a mystery- anyway, that's just my bizarre theory.

Other races can have racially triggered hysteria, but as they are usually told to shut up and sit down, at least in the US, so it usually doesn't get to the dangerous peaks that white hysteria does. Not to mention, when the people making the laws go crazy, it's very hard to fix them.

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