Tuesday, July 27, 2004

To keep myself from wondering about how Ann Coulter manages to get writing jobs despite having columns that are less well written than my blog rantings,which is very difficult to do, I will sing the praises of Obama. Man, was he on point with that speech! He tried to reach the more rightward people early on, with his talk about hard work, and how people really don't want the government to do all. Then, he hooked left with a vengeance! He talked about how his parents imagined a tolerant America, in which a funny name wouldn't be a problem, and a generous America in which being poor wouldn't prevent you from college. He took the momentum he had built, and talked about the unity of the people of the states, and how we are all our brothers' and sisters' keepers. This of course is a poor rendering, from memory, but I remember it being really amazing.

The thoughts in it seemed to be the values that the Democratic Party should be striving for, even if they don't achieve them.  I do believe that we all live in an interlocking society. There are no islands where we are not affected by the health of the other states, the other cities, the other neighborhoods. I think we should stop running and trying for a 'safe' place, and try to clean up the place we got. Of course, I am thinking of white flight, so maybe it is not a 'we', but it sounded really inclusive and generous at the time.

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