Friday, July 30, 2004

I don't usually read this lady column, but thank you, Wendi! (login: password: burninluv) I, too, am sick of people who are parasites. You work in the city, but you don't care about the health of the city at all. I mean seriously, how are you going to complain about the crime rate when you've been causing the problem with your white flight? You decided to create areas of concentrated poverty in which there aren't any jobs. You decided to have property taxes determine school funding, so that people don't even have honors classes. Basically, you think that cities can run without resources , and bricks can be made without straw. So basically, I don't think it is right for people to get the benefits from the city, but badmouth it. And then in the editorial section, the people had the nerve to cry racism! As if no one was to call them on their shit. You don't want to be called racists? Stop getting hysterical at the prospect of school consolidation! Stop complaining about the 'crime'. Basically, stop being racists and people won't call you racists. And lastly, get this in your head- calling people on their racism isn't racist. (the login should be the same. Here is a letter written by a moron. While there were other, intelligent letters, this dirtbag gets my blood boiling: How can Thomas use the word ''racist," when that's what she is? I'm not saying there aren't racist people in Memphis, Germantown or any other town, but to preach about it when you are one yourself is just plain wrong. When she writes "So when these white folks threaten to leave Memphis or the county for Fayette or DeSoto counties, let's help them pack. Go. Get gone. Good riddance to racist rubbish," what does she think she is being? It sure doesn't sound like she likes the "white folks" to me. (So calling whites on their racism is racist now? How do you think you'll ever learn not to be racist? The people who know now that lynching is wrong didn't learn it because no one challenged the practice. People had to challenge the practice, and now most people think it is wrong. ) Sorry, Wendi, but we're not going anywhere anytime soon. And I hope all my nonracist black friends aren't going anywhere, either. (God, she used the classic racist phrase. Dudes, using this phrase makes you more racist sounding. )

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