Monday, July 19, 2004

I don't know how the Democrats are supposed to be 'girly men' when the Republicans throw a hissy fit every time they don't get a hand job. I'm sure this guy, who is whining because they teach about heroic figures in American life(apparently it doesn't matter what people who were here for hundreds of years and built the country he is yammering about for free, were doing), because people free themselves of demeaning names, and seek their own self definition, and calls immigration 'dangerous', while apparently he is enjoying the fruits of their labors, is going to vote Republican. He feels entitled to enjoy this country, which all ethnic groups built, in fact, it is built more on their blood, than on men of leisure's lofty sentiments, but doesn't want us, who have built this country, while he looks down on us, to enjoy the privileges of being considered full citizens- not second class, not unimportant, ignorable, but having our contributions to America recognized, and seen in our proper places.
I think of course that both parties should fight harder to keep white supremacy out of our country, but the Republicans especially coddle people of small minds, and weak morals, like this. 
 In other political news, some Democrats think Foxnews sucks, and think we should make them stop with their misleading advertising of fair and balanced news. They seemed pretty right wing when I have seen it, and it is pretty annoying. I don't mind if people are right wing and lie in public(well,ok, I do, but it's not like it's ok to stop them) but hey, whatever. You can read for yourself.

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