Thursday, July 08, 2004

This article is a good resource, but I believe that people choose to acquire misinformation and that they choose to hold on to it. If they didn't choose to acquire misinformation, they'd use basic logic. Hold up, they'd say, they are saying people are inferior, because of what? Not to mention, they have the library, they have the internet, they have the school house, no, they don't just passively acquire this misinformation, they choose it, and wallow in it.

The reason is hate, I think. They simply hate us so much that they'd rather believe lies than the truth. I guess it is nicer and more conducive to their mission if they believe they can be convinced, but I am not so sure. Most whites would fuck themselves over to vote against us, they would do anything not to live near us(white flight anyone?), and they have been whining for twenty fucking years about having to act like decent human beings. And I'm like, you're acting like the more decent people of your group saying "Hey, act like a decent human being here" is racism? Do you even fucking know what that means?

The fact that most whites like to be racist is probably a big obstacle. I'm sure that some would be able to be convinced, but wouldn't that be preaching to the choir? If they were able to be convinced, they'd already be part anti racist anyway, they'd just be refining the message. I wonder if there's a study comparing racists to non racists and showing what made the non racists non racist?

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