Thursday, July 29, 2004

More about that speech. Here is a transcript, which will give you more information about the entire speech. While I am glad for the specific policy information covered in the speech, I am even more interested in the stuff I was rambling about last night. The thing is that it sounded to me like taking responsibility. I'm sure that it's probably just sound, but even sound is important, as it tells people, especially whites, white people think about race, too, and that they can help solve our race problem. So much, there are only excuses or lies, maybe at best, a respectful silence or an admission of guilt. While it is better to express guilt than to make excuses, folks should realize that they are not passive victims here. No one made the white racists do what they do, and did, they choose to do it. And you can choose to do something else.

It's like how some people may look down on me if I don't do well in math, because it's stereotypical, and I could agree with them, and say I am a bad person because I am only a C student in math classes. Or I could tell them to go fuck themselves.  People might say, why don't you just get an A? That would only be possible if I had only one class on the type of schedule that they have on the normal school year. So it's basically, impossible, in real life, there are compromises.

But what I was trying to say, is that you don't have to be a white racist dick, or a minority sell out, there are other ways.

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