Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I'm so shocked I'm about to pass out. John Edwards said that race wasn't just a minority issue(I am paraphrasing, memory is so weak and fickle. I'm sure there will be transcripts later. Anyway, I am so shocked that any white person would even play lip service to the concept that blacks, latinos, asians, etc didn't just make up racism to bother white people. What's with the human decency lately? I know it's a liberal convention, but to actually say that people besides white males matter in public is a shockingly bold step, as it might alienate some of the white males. While some may be like "how is something like that going to alienate them" by the time the spin cycle is over, people will think Edwards said something like "The Liberal Democrats want to eat white babies, and then make all the white men slaves"  or something crazy like that. I liked to be able to see the speeches on PBS, because you got to see what seemed like all of the speech, instead of just little chunks.

Little chunks are used I guess because it's assumed that we can't pay attention to anything, and also, they are easier for both sides to spin. If you take a bunch of stuff out of context, people can seem to be saying a whole lot of stuff that they aren't saying.  I wish we thought that the future of our country was a bit more important than just a football game we play every four years.

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