Thursday, January 22, 2004

Today I feel really guilty. I had to give a group presentation in Cross Cultural Mental Health class, and my partner was really brave. Beyond not shaking and staring out into the audience with a blank mind like I did(I am scared of presenting in front of people- this is why I volunteered to go first, so I can make the points up), he also admitted to being a mental patient at one time, and spoke eloquently of his friend's death due to suicide(she had bipolar disorder), and the stigma of mental illness. I had the easier part- I could just talk about what I saw as an intern at the Memphis mental health institute, it was distant from me, and noone would think less of me because I had said that. But the amount of risk that guy took! I am amazed at it! I'm the type who gets creeped out because I ate unwashed apples.

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