Thursday, January 08, 2004

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I'm sorry, but maybe some people need to grow the fuck up. Yes, new Know Nothings, I'm talking about you. Yes, there is going to be bitching and moaning by losers who use immigrants as scapegoats for the fact they are lazy. However, do we have to give into those people? Do we have to say "Yea, the country must stay white" to appease them? It would probably be simpler to give them one way tickets to Siberia(I'm sure there's no pesky non whites there) than to try to block immigration.

It's pretty inevitable- either people get in here legally(and can't underbid employers) or they'll come in drifting on trucks, they'll come in over the border, they'll come in hidden on ships. So are we going to deal with it like mature and responsible people, or are we going to appease the folks who can't understand that yes, there are people who are different? Our country, even through the worst days of the know nothings, never fell apart. So are we going to let similarly ignorant people hold us back now? People whined, and still whine when blacks got their full civil rights. Did we let that stop us? No, we said STFU to them. So maybe we have to attempt to deal with problems, and just ignore the hicks. Hicks always need to bitch about some other ethnic group. If they start whining, just say there's a nice warm hole in Siberia that needs to be dug.

An add on to this rant- dudes, it's the CEOs who are fucking you over, not the Indians and the Chinese. So when things get nasty- remember- who benefits from you hating other races? It surely isn't you- you can say all the nasty things you want, and stuff will stay the same. It's the people in power- you are distracted from doing something to help your situation by scapegoating other races.

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