Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Thanks for making normal Christians look like asshats, dude. I mean, Christians have huge, sometimes multi million dollar churches and they can put as many monuments to the ten commandments, to Jesus,etc, up as they want. They don't have to pay taxes. In the South, I can't see how you could even complain about too little religion- you could go to church every night of the week if you felt like it. So why do you need to bother other people? I think not being an asshole is a good idea, even one of my core values, but you'll never see me sneak in in the middle of the night, and put a monument to not being an asshole on the court house lawn. Do these people think that just because it's religious, it's ok to break laws? Dang it.

Of course, the whole part about being like "we're the only ok religion" in the US isn't too cool for people of other religions. America is a very diverse country, we have many different religions. I also don't think one religion rule is too cool- at least a secular person has to give a good reason for their cockamamie ideas- in a theocracy, all you have to do is twist the words of a holy book out of context, and then say everyone doesn't love god if they don't follow along. It's a sure recipe for bad laws.

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