Friday, January 02, 2004

It's time for more Sequential Tart! Although this month they are missing Dear Kady Mae, which is my favorite, they have a really good article with editing tips, and a review of Hana Yori Dango under Read This Or Die! While I generally don't like Sequential Tart's reviews, they tend to be too short, too 'here's the plot, now whether I liked it or not', it's good that many people can hear about this great story. Of course, there are the usual interviews with creators, which is ST's strong point. While I liked last month's 'cover' art better, it was by Colleen Coover, whose art I have a real thing for. I think that some day I'll get Small Favors just for the art.

In other news, is this a comic? It has images, they are juxtaposed in a sequnential manner, but is there a narrative? But then again, what is narrative? Do we just assume anything put together has a narrative? I have no answers to those questions as I am not feeling particularly like a comics intellectual tonight.

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