Saturday, January 03, 2004

So today, I went to Triple Play. I knew that it had changed location, (it's now a few stores down from where it was) but I did not expect that it would be any different. Well, I was wrong. The new location is much bigger. There is a bigger gaming area, and while I don't do that, people who like that sort of thing might enjoy it. There is now a children's section of comics when you get into the door- this is great for new blood. All floppie comics are now in plastic holders that are sqaure and open at the top. There are also now random arcade games. The graphic novel selection remains anemic, but they had plenty of copies of Johnny the Homocidal Maniac, which has to count for something. I was rather tempted, but thought I better not. They didn't have the new issue of Comics Journal, which I actually was in the store for.

For those who it matters to, Triple Play is across from the Wolfchase Mall, in the same sort of section Best Buy is in. This means nothing to those who don't know local geography, but it's not like you're going to drive from California. I think Triple Play is a chain, if it helps.

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