Wednesday, January 28, 2004

In a shocking manner, it seems that Britain is having the same sort of problems with conservative whiners as we are. Can we break through the whining and make life better for everyone? Since the conservative complaints aren't rooted in objective reality, I tend to give them short shrift. I know I know, just because spirits don't cause diseases doesn't mean you shouldn't try to negotiate a compromise between the imaginary spirits and real medicine that can actually help, but I have a hard time doing that.

Also, this guy needs cash, because he lost his job. Put something in the tip jar if it's only a dollar! I gave him a dollar, and I'm broke, if lots of people gave him a dollar, he could at least buy a beer, and network or however networking works- I don't know how it works at all. And while whining about lack of cash, I think I'll be enormously crass and say I don't have a job! So if you feel like you need buttons with creative slogans on them like "Deviant" "I read comics" "nappy pride" or "sex goddess" or you want custom button making, come on down to my store. Do not worry- I'm making with the jobbing. My resume is done!

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