Monday, January 05, 2004

ASSHOLES! Guess why you get yelled at? Ok, here's a real situation. This guy saw me reading my Sociology of Law textbook and was like "Theorectical perspectives" and he was like "Oh, look! bullshit views!" and then a few days later, not only does he make me wait hours and hours for a printer I needed, because on Sunday, he suddenly decided to be elsewhere, when days in advance I had called to ask about it, and then he decided to be like "Oh, when you get out in the real world, you really start to learn about life' While I'm aware that many people can't hear themselves, that is just unwarranted, when he had been warned before about a snide comment on cookies. And then he wonders why he has to deal with my rage. I try to explain(although I have difficulty controlling myself- it's very intense rage) that I had been abused that way my whole life, and that was why I was sick of it. He tries to whine and make excuses, which makes me even angrier- he has decided to attack me, and then tries to pretend it's ok? I used to do that whole game, but what did it make me? depressed! Unfortunately, the depression has lifted, to be replaced with the rage, and it's intense. While I do feel sorry for slapping him, I am not sorry for yelling.

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