Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ten pages due. Not 15. *passes out* Must..clean..fridge..

Ok, Fridge cleaned. Microwave turny thing broken. Today I saw my teacher's name on two essays in a book about black gay men, one on Rupaul and one on something or other. The Rupaul was from some thing called In Search of the Black Penis. Yea, so the whole class we wasted while he talked about his paper on Michael Jackson was not an anamoly? I am shocked. I'm tempted to ask, but that is totally not polite?

Starting on my African history final, a week before it is due, I read this post, my soul is healed.

Since I had time to read this beautiful post by Jenn, I'm hanging it up. White folk need to shut up thier whining, btw. Really, I'm not seeing how the fact that some chinese girl you don't even know doesn't think it's cool and amazing how you know all about her culture, because you watched the Joy Luck Club once or whatever, is such a big problem you need to bother her about it. Suck it up

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