Monday, May 22, 2006

David Neiwert fights stupidity, and I have a bizarre question. This is very rude. So yesterday I had graduation party, and this white girl that I met when I was 12 was there and she and her mother talked about how they were going to put this girl's younger brother in private school, and you know what? I associate private school with being rich. I'm well off, but not so well off I could go to private school for high school(or even be able to be home schooled, which is a huge luxury item) I also don't get how white people get the money to always be moving around into different neighborhoods all the time. Selling your house yea, but doesn't the price of housing increase when a bunch of people flood an area? So how do white people who are constantly complaining about how poor they are and how they can't deal with racism because they are so poor(the amazing kactus somehow manages despite the fact that her internet is being cut off) manage to get these high faluting luxury items?

Also, Amp and high infant mortality rates.

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