Thursday, May 25, 2006

On Feministing, there is a discussion of sorostitute syndrome as it applies to the D*ke Women's L*cr*sse Team. Basically, sorostitue syndrome is when you stand by a man, any man, because if you actually had a conscience, you wouldn't be popular with the booooys. I can't stand people who don't understand that sheltering a rapist makes it more likely for you to be raped. It just waves a big flag- do whatever the fuck you want boys! We'll stand by you regardless. Not to mention, when you say "well, she's a liar' who the fuck you think is going to believe you when you're in trouble,dumbass? Intellectually, I understand, white folks won't align against their oppression, but for their privilege, but dang. And school, you could have handled it better. The way you have it, it looks like it's cool to gang rape somebody. Just don't report it, because we'll all be against you, you know?

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