Monday, May 08, 2006

Amazing Hot Gimmick Icons I finished my black gay paper today, with a works cited which was like 3 pages long. Then I was too tired to do anything before dashing off to my black lit final. Man and it's so late now, too. Yea, I feel like just surfing around, so I found this amazing post, and classism warning right here! I was reminded of the annoying rhetoric there is around poverty, like because some poor people have TV sets(maybe I'm crazy, but aren't some of those $30 now? And plus, there are various sources for TV sets such as gifts) that we shouldn't do anything more to help the poor. And one of the things that annoys my class priv'd self is also, the idea that poor folks can't have nothing. Like if a poor person doesn't buy what's on the mentally approved list of foods, it's OMG stealing, but when I use my federal ass work study money to buy the same food, it's ok, wtf? Just because I'm not poor it's ok? It's the same money.

Also, scroll down a bit to see the video I Am Not My Hair

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