Thursday, May 04, 2006

So before, I get some work done, I'd like to say if you want to talk about sexism in the black community, don't reference rap videos from ten years ago. It's tired, and takes energy away from fighting actual sexism in our community. For example, complaining about black frat party invites that are all about women stripping down makes sense, because that comes out of our community, and we can stop it, but if all the white people are buying the booty shaking shake your titays rap, we'll still see these images, even if none of us buy music that degrades women(which I still encourage people to do, even if the music doesn't stop being produced, you don't have to hear that mess). And yea, to fight sexism, men need to step up, and be real men, I say. Mentor a kid, with your punk ass.

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