Thursday, May 04, 2006

So today, I'm taking a break, with only light work being done. So from my work place, here's a special edition of racialicious conversations. Ok, So I'm shredding papers, and stuff, and this woman of color is stapling and this white guy is scanning, and they are talking about some lady who is out of the office, and this guy's like, so are you guys related? And the woman is like, well, she was born in Puerto Rico, and I'm from Arizona. So the guy is like you both have the same butterscotch skin tone, and the girl is like, I'm brown, and it goes on like that for several minutes like that, and ends with the girl chiding her about not taking compliments(I'm not seeing how this is a complement.) So yea, I think some people are dicks. And that's how not to act in the work place.

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