Saturday, May 06, 2006

Part of a Hyphen Magazine article:

This new research is little known outside of the academic community and critics have ignored it as they describe campus life today to reflect their own political agendas. Critics of both affirmative action and campus diversity programs are skeptical about the educational benefits of campus diversity; they allege that racial and ethnic self-segregation among students is widespread and that it undermines the educational promise of a genuinely multicultural college community. In addition, some critics suggest that campus diversity programs themselves, including African American and Ethnic Studies programs, racial/ethnic student groups, theme houses and dorms, encourage separation rather than community and undermine intergroup contact and the learning that can result from it.

Now I understand the weird spate of editorials* and the bizarre obsession with self segregation(even in reporting a black student event as being mostly about an issue that whites have made up to take attention away from the fact that they are racists. Seriously, the biggest problem with integrating black people is that whites are so rude and racist). I can see how effective it has been among white students, because truly, do white people want to grow up and actually say, hey, let's go to events created by students of color, let's listen to students of color? No. So they stay in their all white groups, and blame us. I don't get why whites are against diversity on university campuses so much. It seems like they are still fighting the battles of their fathers to keep people of color out of university. They say the past doesn't matter, but how can that be true when they base their lives around a golden past that doesn't exist?

*Before that article came out, an Asian American student tried to spread knowledge. Of course, he was ignored.

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