Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I think the whole blowup against breastfeeding icons as the default is a bit out of proportion. I mean dang, don't have them as your default and then use a few more clicks to bust out those babies every chance you get, you know? But unlike how our concern trolls have been nattering on, I'm not like hey, white women, put on your aprons and start popping out the babies or talking about how women really don't like sex and how we must keep bestial men from raping us by wearing proper length skirts. You know why? I can disagree with how some particular women interpret feminism, without saying 'man, feminism sucks'. Heck, I disagree with many feminists on issues like "sex work- healthy and fun as it is, or in need of serious change to get off my shit list" or "race- how does it fit in under the matrix of oppression" i.e. much bigger issues than whether it makes sense to make a big stink over ljay icons. But you see, if you actually give a fuck about the ideology, you don't go off crying because someone didn't cater to you every ten seconds or because a few women mobilize around an issue you don't care about, much less if they blog about it.

That's why concern trolls often get a trouncing because anyone who had any sincere interest in feminism at all would not in fact run off because of a few uppity women. I mean really, only anti feminists would care that much, because people who are interested in moving women forward know that pushing ahead does not mean that women will continue to act docile and be little ladies eating tea sandwiches and saying "Oh, it is so sad about those poor Muslim women" but instead be willing to stand up. Maybe first to small things like people calling women bitches but later kicking more and more ass.

I can't go and 'save' the Muslim women over there(who don't need any saving in the first place) but yea, my petty arguments about whether I can get my birth control or why certain ads are demeaning to women can get some lightbulbs going off over some heads, way better than if I waited forever to get an issue that anti feminists could pretend to care about.

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