Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm taking a break. Tomorrow I'll start on the 30 pages of doom. But today, I'll talk about how I read this post on disablism. I say people with disabilities will be on the rise as more conditions are recognized as disabilities. For example, the inability to do calculus used to not really matter very much at all. Now everyone needs to go over to the disability center because they can't do calculus. I'm horrible at socializing. Now, as I'm a middle class person, doctors enjoy giving me random diagnoses instead of helping the disabled, so I have Asperger's syndrome. Of course, none of this helps the people with physical disabilities who are being discriminated against, or people with mental disabilities suffering to make it through the day and actually get medication, instead of lectures about how everyone else singlehandly saved a baby's life, so don't lay in bed all day,etc, but do you come to this blog to be enlightened?

The point I was attempting to make was if we weren't all such butts about everything, a whole lot of people wouldn't be disabled at all, they'd just be different. Like we all know that most of us can't run the Boston marathon- that's an ability we don't have, but it's not like everything is set up so you have to run 26 miles between everything. Oh well, this post sucks and is incoherent, and probably is full of able bodied priv and stupdity, but you should go to the writings by the people blogging against disablism. They have good prose, good ideas, and good spelling. I especially took a shine to this post.Although learning not to be an idiot is a long journey as most are thinking through this post

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