Monday, May 22, 2006

I just realized that I'll never be a feminine woman. I'm just too old. You know, I've been old for a long time too. I think heels are ridiculous and wearing shoes that are too small- especially with how poorly made women's shoes are is dumb. I am against beauty standards for vaginas, because I was 8 when I got pubic hair and 18 when that stupidity was first introduced, thus the idea that having a natural vagina is 'poor hygiene' seems crazy, not to mention I wouldn't believe the obvious idiocy of guys who are insecure because the girl he bangs doesn't look like she is a pornstitute. I'm not trying for straight hair either- I just get scabs in my head and my hair looks bad too. Of course, I'll never be thin, as the rules of thinness always count your hips and never your breasts, and so the snakehipped will always win. And don't let me get started on makeup. It's expensive and I don't actually look any better either.

Being able to realize that something is dumb and not do it is the criteria of being old and grumpy.

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