Thursday, May 25, 2006

belledame has a good post, but one thing I don't like is conflating porn with sex. In porn, the girls are actors(and the men too), and it's all staged. So yea, maybe that porn star is pretending to like facials and double penetration, but that has nothing to do with what real women like. Not to mention, in real life, we all have different preferences, but in porn, all women, like everything. Basically, people talking like somebody actually likes a sexual act because you see it in porn is like me saying that blacks are all wisecracking sidekicks because you saw it in a movie. And yea, people really do believe the images of blacks they see in the movies, and yea, some men actually do think that you should try the acts in porn or that porn inspired beauty standards are actually going to make sense in the real world. But they are dumbasses, and we shouldn't encourage it.

More on semen in these comments, better expressed,

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