Saturday, May 27, 2006

Angry Shannon is confused. How come men never get tips like "Don't be alone with a drunk woman, she might think you raped her" or "Never hire strippers for a house party"? Where women get tips that probably don't work like "Don't walk alone at night"(all well and good, but what if your male escort rapes you?) I don't get why the woman is always suspected of lying about rape either. Like what the fuck? Where do they think women get lacrarations on their genitals from? We generally don't do this ourselves! I don't get why the man is always assumed innocent. Like, what does he lose if he is falsely accused of rape? Even people who did rape somebody go off free. I had to yell at a guy once. I was like it's sad that this baby was raped(parents were the main suspects as they were with the baby most of the time). But what does the guy sympathize with? The parents, who were anoymous. Seriously, how would having a little sympathy for the baby hurt people?

For fuck's sake, in this society, sometimes I think being accused of rape could get you a fucking parade. Or if he didn't, he'd still be surrounded with tons of enablers who won't report it, or treat the girl like shit,etc. I can't think of anything more to say, but rage! argh! fuck our society!

I have to admit that I'm annoyed more because people seem to have flipped their shit. It's like, they put who on the border? and they said WHAT?! about black people and they are going to make women all go where? I have no idea why, but I get the impression that our country has gone fucking nuts. It's like pure insanity. I don't know what triggered it. It's like someone opened a box and all the base instincts of the people leapt out.

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