Sunday, May 28, 2006

I've just watched episode 6 of Ginban Kaleidoscope, which I think would be much better if they dropped the supernatural angle. I understand everything needs to have a twist, but I'm not really interested in Peter Pumps or his relationship to Tazusa. An pre-Olympic figure skater who has a bad personality, rivals out the wazoo, all better than her. and a bad relationship to the media should be excitement enough, you know? So why shoehorn in romance? I guess I should be glad that at least the other characters think she is crazy instead of being like "Oh, so you're possessed by a Canadian ghost? That's perfectly normal". There are some cute figure skating outfits, such as Tazusa's figure skating kimono, although the waitress outfit is a bit moe fetish to me. At least she isn't the type for fetishers to dedicate their character shrines to.

A random unrelated note: The Ivy Chronicles' British cover is cuter than the American one I think. (*is reading the British version*)

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